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Advertising in Regarding Arts
Regarding Arts exists to bring light to arts & entertainment.

As newspapers weaken and die off, we worry about how and where people can find informative, entertaining, critical thinking about the arts. We are her to let people know about the obscure as well as about the famous. We do all we can to spread the word.

Regarding Arts has a really good bunch of readers — readers who are engaged in the arts.

They are readers who buy tickets and books and albums. They buy nice clothes for their evenings out, they dine before and sometimes after a show.

You can help your business, and help support the arts, by advertising in Regarding Arts.

There are ad spots on all modern Regarding Arts pages — the front page index, the indexes for the Theater, Books, Music, Screens, Art and Video Games pages, the calendar pages, the archives pages and pages for individual stories, reviews and features. (Some older, archival Triviana Arts & Entertainment pages don't have the ad coding, though we update them when we can.)

Regarding Arts ad spots on its modern pages include:

— 728 pixels by 90 pixels, for the top of most older pages, and newer pages

— 970 pixels by 90 pixels, for the top of newer pages (January 2019 and beyond)

— 300 pixels by 250 pixels, usually in the left-hand columns, can also be inserted in stories

— 300 pixels by 600 pixels, for the left-hand columns

— 300 pixels by 1050 pixels, for the left-hand columns

— 250 pixels by 300 pixels, usually inserted in stories

— 200 pixels by 600 pixels, usually in the right-hand columns

— Advertising —

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Regarding Arts charges a flat rate per month. During that month an advertiser may have as many as three different campaigns going at the same time, using as many of the ad sizes for each of the campaigns as desired.

If you're interested in advertising in Regarding Arts, send email to Regarding Arts founder John Orr, at Include a phone number and a good time to call you, please, and we can discuss options. Our rates are quite reasonable.

We watch what people look at frequently, and are sometimes surprised. A feature written about Dan Hicks and the Hotlicks, for instance, is hugely popular to this day, although originally published in 2001. So when we redesigned the site, we upgraded that page to allow advertising on it. We'll do more of that as we go along. We do what we can to please readers, and to make our pages worthwhile for advertisers.

We can also help with designing and building ads.

Thanks for taking a look!

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