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 "Thou Shalt Not Road Trip" review (June 2012)

 "Soldier Dogs" review (May 2012)

 "Breaking Stalin's Nose" review (November 2011)

 "600 Hours of Edward" review (December 2009)

 "B is for Beer" review (May 2009)

 A talk with Carol O'Connell (December 2008)

 What to read after Harry Potter (October 2007)

 "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" review (July 2007)

 "Fortunate Son" review (May 2006)

 Walter Mosley interview (May 2006)

 "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" review (July 2005)

 ''Until I Find You'' review (July 2005)

 "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" review (August 2004)

 Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child interview (August 2004)

 "Frek and the Elixir" review (May 2004)

 Harlan Coben interview (2004)

 ''Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix''

 Carol O'Connell interview (2003)

 Review of "Realware" and "Gnarl!" by Rudy Rucker.

 Tom Clancy's "The Bear and The Dragon"

 Stephen Coont's "Cuba"

 The sinking of the Indianapolis: Three books

 Jeffrey Deaver interview (2001)

 Jeffrey Deaver interview (1999)

 "Gerald Durrell: The Authorized Biography"

 Bart Schneider's "Blue Bossa"
Author websites
Dave Barry
His actual official newspaper home.

Charles Benoit
A fine novelist and cartoonist. His first novel, "Relative Danger," is a blast.

Tim Cockey
Cleverly amusing crime fiction.

Stephen J. Cannell
His "Vertical Coffin" is a terrific read.

Jeffery Deaver
Great writer of thriller mysteries.

Janet Evanovich
A fun, clever site for anyone, especially her fans.

Deborah Grabien
Author of the "Murder, Music and Ghosts" series.

Dean Koontz
Sure, he writes eerie, creepy thrillers. But they always have a big dose of charm.

Gregory Macdonald
Brilliant writer. His "Flynn's World" was one of the best crime books of 2003.

Walter Mosley
One of the greatest novelists working today.

Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
These two guys write great thrillers.

J.K. Rowling
A delightful site with lots to explore and plenty of real talk from the magical Ms. Rowling herself.

Martin Cruz Smith
A brilliant writer whose mysteries have extraordinary depth and meaning.