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We wanted them to save this movie, Nell,
but they just made it into a stinkbomb
Brendan Fraser
"Dudley Do-Right"

Reviewed by Carlos deVillalvilla

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There's an awful lot to hate about "Dudley Do-Right."

Cartoon fans, of which Da Queen is, well, Da Queen, will hate the way a great 'toon is mishandled.

Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica ParkerBrendan Fraser's fans will hate this mis-step in his otherwise meteoric career.

Canadians, who are consistently lampooned throughout, will hate EVERYTHING about Dudley.

People who like comedies will hate that there are absolutely ZERO laughs in this movie. None. Nada. Not even a chuckle. Capice?

About the only people who WON'T hate this fiasco are insomniacs, who at last can get a drug-free night of sleep, although I won't be responsible for the nightmares that may come of watching this just before nodding off to sleep.

If Canada needed a reason to declare war on the United States, this film is it.

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