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Laugh till you
... laugh some more
Debra Winger, Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal makes a smart, funny movie
with the great Debra Winger

"Forget Paris"

Reviewed by John Orr
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Here's how much I liked this movie: I drank a large Diet Coke, yet did NOT get up to run to the mens' room during the film, for fear of missing some scene I might like.

If a film can pass the large Diet Coke test, I think you'd have to agree, it has to be pretty good.

Billy Crystal co-wrote (with Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandell), produced, directed and starred!! Man! He musta been tired, after all that. But, ya know, this movie is funny, sweet, romantic ... and, even kinda realistic about relationships. Nothing is necessarily sweetness and light happily every after ... which is kinda the way real life is, ya know??

I laughed, I cried, I managed to hold it until the movie ended, then I RAN to the men's room, trampling people in the crowded lobby. It is a LONG way to the mens' room, and my need was great. (My apologies to the lady in the wheelchair; I never knew those things could tip over so easily.)

Crystal was very funny without going over the top too much, and Debra Winger was excellent. The rest of the cast ranged from fine to delightful. Crystal plays an NBA referee who has to accompany his father's coffin to France, to make sure dad's casket gets properly buried. The airline loses the coffin, and Winger is the airline official who helps him find it again, and is nice enough to even attend the little funeral in the graveyard filled with American World War II dead.

Crystal and Winger spot some warmth and spark in each other ... and spend a week together in the City of Light, a whirlwind of romance.

But then he goes back to the US and blowing the whistle among the sweaty skyscrapers of the NBA.

But then he goes back to France to ask her to marry him.

But then she says, "I am already married." (Dr Gone passes out in theater when his heart stops.)

But then he goes back to the U.S.

But then she shows ups in the U.S.

But then a whole bunch more stuff happens.

Go see it. Honest, it's sweet, fun, smart. You'll have a good time. Probably. Try the large Diet Coke test.

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