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Tim Allen, Allan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver
team up to teach aliens
how to live long and prosper

Sigourney Weaver
"Galaxy Quest"

Reviewed by Carlos deVillalvilla

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Heros aren't what they used to be. These days, they they shoot first and ask questions later, and would kick your patootie just as soon as look at you. The people we admire are, for the most part, thugs with attitudes.

Tim AllenThey just don't make 'em like Commander Peter Quincy Taggert (Jason Nesmith) anymore.

OK, "Galaxy Quest" wasn't the best-made TV show ever. And yes, the writing was frequently downright ludicrous, substituting jargon and technobabble in place of actual dialogue. And yes, for the most part, the fans are pimply dweebs who substitute endless discussions of minutiae from the canceled TV series in place of appreciable lives.

And it's true that the new age tantras uttered by Dr. Lazarus (Sir Alexander Dane) tend to inspire hysterical laughter rather than rational self-examination. But for my part, Lt. Tawny Madison (Gwen DeMarco) can burn my thrusters anytime.

It must be said that historical documents never lie; when actual aliens recruit the long-in-the-tooth and out-of-work actors to get them out of a jam, it's quite a hoot. That this alien race had built their ENTIRE CULTURE on broadcast transmissions of a mostly-forgotten TV show is mind-boggling. You'd think they'd have had the sense to use "Babylon 5" instead; all I can say is, it's good they didn't use "The Brady Bunch."

Tim Allen and George W. BushI will grant you that the true-life video of the cast's adventures on far-off planets is far niftier than the low-tech five-and-dime special effects of the TV show. However, it's a negative that the events somewhat suspiciously parallel the plot of episode 28, "The Conquering Lobster." That's the one where Taggart is kidnapped by Tyrosians to command their Battle Cruiser against Sartog, the Crustacean-like alien general. How life imitates art.

Theater or Video?
Historical documents are best-suited to the small screen.

Editor's Note: Psssst! Don't tell Carlos that "Galaxy Quest" was never a real TV series, but was just made up for this movie. Tim Allen plays Commander Peter Quincy Taggert/Jason Nesmith; Alan Rickman is Dr. Lazarus/Sir Alexander Dane; and Sigourney Weaver, with an add-on pneumatic bosom, plays Lt. Tawny Madison/Gwen DeMarco. Enrico Colantoni and Missi Pyle are hilarious and charming as aliens.

DVD notes
Yes, there are the usual multiple languages and captions, production notes, filmmaker and cast bios and the ever-present theatrical trailer, but did you know you can hear this movie in it's original Thermian? It sounds sooooooo much better that way. Also, a nifty "On Location in Space" featurette gives some pretty informative background info.

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