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Warning: Watching this movie
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"The Tigger Movie"

Reviewed by Carlos deVillalvilla

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Bounce!! Bounce!! Bounce!! Most of us grew up with Winnie the Pooh and the ultra-hyperfrenetic Tigger. Some of us were fortunate to relive those days in the Hundred Acre Wood through small children of our own (or in my case, one borrowed from my sister). But while Pooh always seemed to headline the various tales, the most popular character from those 'toons always seemed to be Tigger. Therefore, it is most fitting that he, at last, gets a movie of his own.

Bounce!! Bounce!! Bounce!! Here, Tigger has been told, not unkindly, by his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood that they simply can't keep up with the spring-bottomed cat because they aren't Tiggers themselves. This sends Tigger into a right funk; he feels keenly the loneliness of being the only one ... the solitary Tigger. With his little buddy Roo, he goes out in search of his family tree just as winter is setting on. His friends Pooh, Piglet, Owl, Eeyore and Rabbit all try to help, but their best intentions go awry.

Bounce!! Bounce!! Bounce!! There are quite a few things going for this flick. First, the characters are familiar, so they can get on with the story from the get-go. Secondly, the film is fortunate to have Richard and Robert Sherman, who wrote many of Disney's most beloved songs, writing several tunes here.

Bounce!! Bounce!! Bounce!! The animation style is primitive by today's computer-driven standards, but in an odd way that fits Pooh to a T. Pooh looks best in an environment that looks not unlike a child's watercolor painting, and they manage that effect here.

Bounce!! Bounce!! Bounce!!There is quite a bit of fun going on, particularly during the hilarious Tigger Family Reunion scene, which includes Tiggers in the guise of Marilyn Monroe and Jerry Springer, among others. In some ways, it's quite comforting; several adults in the audience were nodding off with their little ones.

Bounce!! Bounce!! Bounce!! Far too many of the people who originally voiced these beloved characters have passed on, and although John Fiedler is ageless as Piglet, sorely missed are Paul Winchell and Sterling Holloway. However, the Japanese/American animators managed to recapture much of the languid, rainy afternoon feel of the original cartoons, which makes this a recommendation all on its own.

Bounce!! Bounce!! Bounce!! Be warned; true Tigger fans might find this movie addicting in subliminal ways. I wish I'd known; I'm still trying to get Da Queen to stop bouncing.

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