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Reviews, features
Blue jams at the Little Fox
January 2009

"Guitar Hero II" review
December 2006

Vala Cupp obit
November 2005

Tommy Castro interview
August 2001

Holidaze in Hicksville
Dan Hicks' 2004 celebration.

Blues music
Triviana's tribute to the blues.

Laura Chavez interview
January 2004

"Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks"
Review of the concert DVD/CD package

B.B. King interview
August 2003

Blues 10101
The birth of the blues in the San Francisco South Bay Area. June 2002

Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
Interviews with a bunch of fine musicians. August and December 2001

Gary Smith
Interview with a great mouth-harp player. September 2001

Garth Hudson
The Band's great keyboardist. May 2002

Cain On King
Review of Chris Cain's tribute to B.B. King. July 2001

James Cotton
Interview with a blues great. January 2001

Chris Cain
Chris Cain talks about the blues scene. October 2000

San Francisco Blues Festival
A photo essay on the 2000 event.

Elvin Bishop
Interview with the great blues man. September 2000

Dave Garibaldi
Interview with the Tower of Power drummer. September 2000

Johnny Otis
Interview with the R&B great. September 2000

Susan Tedeschi
Interview with a new blues star. September 2000

John Lee Hooker
Sarah Orr photo essay from a concert. March 1998.

"Thunder Knocking"
About a mediocre musical with great blues music performed by Chris Cain. 1997

How the Blues Saved Doc Once
Music soothes the aching breast.

Music links
Beatles Page

Beatles news site.

The Band
For one of the finest rock bands of all time.

Chris Cain
One of the greatest blues men ever. Tour dates, etc.

Tommy Castro
Excellent blues songwriter and performer.

Vala Cupp
Memorial for an amazing blues singer.

Doghouse Riley
Blues rock band in San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr Gone & Serious Condition
Blues, R&B, rock 'n' roll in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dan Hicks
Great songwriter and performer.

JJ's Blues
Longtime home of the blues in San Jose, California.

Andy Just
Brilliant blues-harp player and all-around great blues man.

Charlie Musselwhite
A great harp player and a great guy.

Excellent, hard-workin' blues band in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Michael Osborn
Brilliant blues guitarist, based in Portland, Oregon.

Lara Price Band
A fine blues singer, with the brilliant Laura Chavez on guitar.

The Stragglyrs
All original.
Hear a Stragglyrs tune, "W Drilled Us."

Garth Webber
An excellent guitarist, Garth also runs a recording studio.