"Divas for Life 2013"

Featuring: Noel Anthony, Tielle Baker, Molly Bell, Robert Brewer, Daya Curley, Brittany Danielle, Ryan Drummond, Alison Ewing, Riette Fallant, Amanda Folena, Leilani Graham, Angela Gunter, Lauren Hart, Daniel Hurst, Calia Johnson, Ashley Rae Little, Garrick Macatangay, Justin Madfes, Annmarie Martin, David Mister, Grace Ping, Keith Pinto, Katie Pogue-Jaime, Amie Shapiro, Kristin Schmitz, Katherine Von Till, Adrienne Walters and Catherine Williamson
Accompanist: Billy Liberatore
Directed by: Creative Habit Academy
When: 7 p.m. June 10, 2013
Where: Eagle Theater, 201 Almond Avenue, Los Altos, California
Website: Divas for Life
See John Orr's interview of Molly Bell.

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Divas for Life
John Orr / Triviana Arts & Entertainment
Mollie Bell, Annmarie Martin and Robert Brewer, center trio from left, lead the company in "Stand" to close Divas for Life 2013.
Hey, gang!
They put on a great show!
Divas for Life 2013 was fabulous
June 2013

Gotta love show people.

Especially, show people such as Molly Bell and her crew of 30 or so other singers, dancers and crew who put on the 2013 Divas for Life show, on Monday, June 10, in Los Altos.

It was the 10th anniversary show for Divas, which always takes place on a Monday night, because that is usually one of the only two nights a week a working theater professional wouldn't be on a stage somewhere in a show.

Bell always casts a collection of top-flight pros, and it is a fabulous show, all to raise some money for cancer victims and their families.

This year, the recipients are Isaiah Gaytan, 11, and Jacob Goeders, 11.

I pretty much loved every bit of this program — wherein individuals or small combos took the stage to — but have to admit my favorite bits were the funny ones.

Yes, it was great to see Annmarie Martin, who was so beautiful as Mother in the Hillbarn Theatre production of "Ragtime," perform "Back to Before," from that show, but I am a goofy guy, and prefer goofy stuff.

Such as Allison Ewing singing the hilarious "Ireland" from "Legally Blonde":

In a bar once I met this guy Dewey

And he bought me like 14 beers

And he told me that he was from Ireland

So I lived with him 10 years

And Kristin Schmitz, Ashley Rae Little, Amie Shapiro and Adrienne Walters recreating a medley from "The Marvelous Wonderettes," a show in which they starred for Broadway by the Bay.

And Ryan Drummond, who was fabulous in "Curtains" at Foothill Music Theatre in 2011, doing "Moses Supposes" from "Singing in the Rain," with Keith Pinto (who did "Singing in the Rain" with Drummond at Diablo Theatre) and Noel Anthony.

There were 15 performances — there would have been 16, but Diva cofounder Daya Curley called in sick — and all ranged from extremely very good to freaking awesome brilliant.

But my very favorite, the one that had me stumbling with laughter on my way out of the theater, was Katherine Von Till performing "Pink Prada Purse," by Our Lady J.

What do I do when he comes over here?

What do I say when he asks me "How are you doing?"

"Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

I'll just laugh and say "I'm fine ... but kinda lonely."

"Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

"And your girlfriend's really cute ... but kinda fat."

Von Till looks demure and insecure, very briefly, before slipping into the hysteria of the "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!" and overall is so funny it was all I could do to not fall on the floor, laughing.

Von Till, who is the current voice of Snow White for Disney (only the fourth actress since 1937 to get that gig), is a longtime friend of Bell, which is why she comes up from Los Angeles to do the Divas for Life shows.

Hats off to the entire cast and crew, including the great Billy Liberatore, who played piano for every tune.

Marvelous Wonderettes
John Orr / Triviana Arts & Entertainment
Singing "Mr. Lee" during "The Marvelous Marvelettes" medley at Divas for Life 2013 are, from left, Wonderettes Amie Shapiro, Kristin Schmitz, Adrienne Walters and Ashley Rae Little.


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