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Using a KontrolFreek
Regarding Arts
Riley uses a Kontrol Freek Phantom. I noted the distance his thumb has to travel between the extended joystick and the control buttons, but Riley said the KontrolFreek makes playing easier and faster.
Staying in Kontrol
We test some KontrolFreeks; surprise, surprise!
They do increase speed and control
December 1, 2013

Our best resident video games player and tester, Riley, had been agitating for us to get some KontrolFreeks, devices that "elevate your gaming experienc, by improving your performance while reducing fatigue," according to the company's website. They are designed "to reduce force inputs while increasing player comfort, helping you improve your accuracy and decrease your reaction time."

I resisted the idea, thinking it just a gimmick with good marketing.

But then a publicist wrote to me, offering to send us some for testing and review.

Well, sure, send them on.

And, surprise, surprise: Riley has been using these things for about three weeks now, and likes them.

He has tested three different sets — SpeedFreek, Havoc, and Phantom — and now pretty much always keeps a Phantom attached to the right joystick of his PS3 controller.

The SpeedFreek is mainly for racing games but never got much traction with Riley.

The Havoc and Phantom are fairly similar, with slightly different textures because of their art designs. Riley uses the Phantom most because he likes the way it looks.

"It makes using the stick a little easier and faster," he said.

Worth the $12 to $20 these things sell for? That's up to the individual gamer.

The company has the devices for the new generation consoles as well. The SpeedFreeks for PS3 and Xbox 360 won't fit the PS4 and Xbox One because of changes to the controllers.

Regarding Arts
The KontrolFreeks the company sent us for testing. From left are the Havoc, the Phantom and the SpeedFreek. Click on the image to see a larger version of the same photo.


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